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What We Provide

Sewing a gift of Love,

Encouragement & Empowerment


With every stitch, a girl in Africa will be empowered to receive a full education.

We Provide

Washable, reusable feminine sanitary products


We provide washable, reusable feminine hygiene products to girls and women who have limited or no access to sanitary items.

We Teach

Teach to sew feminine products

We provide all the fabric and supplies, and teach the girls and women how to create their own feminine hygiene products.  Helping others, help themselves and their  communities.

While the core of our mission is to enable and encourage the education of the young women in Africa;

by teaching the skill of sewing to all women, addresses and works towards a resolution of the feminine hygiene crisis.   

Our Wash-Pad Kits

Environmentally friendly - affordable kits

Our Wash-Pads are washable and reusable.  The absorbent fabric we use is hemp or bamboo fleece both of which are naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and highly absorbent.  The waterproof fabric is called Eco-PUL™ which is a laminated fabric; solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and releases no volatile organics.

We have researched the healthiest fabric for this use, as well as the highest quality and most durable sewing supplies.

Each Kit we make costs approximately $20 and includes:
♦  3 Padlets (absorbent pads)
♦  9 Pad inserts (extra protection)
♦  1 Knapsack
    (for carrying kits discreetly)
♦  2 Pair of underwear
♦  2 Ziploc bags
    (for carrying and washing pads)
♦  Instruction pamphlet

Health, Education, Equality, Success

Meet Our Recipients



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